Malibu manifold gasket

I have to replace the lower intake manifold gasket on my 99 malibu. It has the 3.1 V6. I did this a couple of years ago and when I did, the repair book said to simply place a bead of gasket sealant on each end where the manifold meets the block. I did that and there has always been a small oil leak at one end where I guess I didn’t make the bead of sealant thick enough or something. My question is, when I put that bead of sealant on this time, would it work, or even be advisable to use some paper gasket material like any other part of the engine would have between the manifold and the block?

Usually when these ends seals are made and then fail a short time later it’s caused from blowout. This is when the sealant doesn’t adhere to the mating surfaces perfectly, and engine crankcase pressure blows the sealant out. This is why I use this It’s more expensive, but I guess that’s why the auto manufacturers use it. Including GM.


Is this what is known as GMS?