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Seal Puller

What is a good seal puller and are they worth the price? Ive been using channel locks and they seem to work pretty good. My real question is what to set the seal back in with?? Ive always just used a hammer and tap around it until it started and keep tapping it in…but i think i finally bent one and will know soon if it leaks.
I know a large socket… the size of outside diameter of seal works but i dont want to buy a $30 socket to set seals. Is there a too made for this ??

89 toyota 4runner

Tool. Is there a tool sold to push in new seals like a pinion seal?


There are a number of tools sold to install seals. There are “universal” sets that come with a number of adapters and parts. There are engine specific installers that are made specifically for Toyota camshaft seals or for GM 3.8 rear main seals, for instance. There’s a tool for everything.

But if you don’t want to spend $30 on a socket to install seals are you going to spend $300 on an installer set?

Look online, I think you can get a Toyota cam seal installer for about $50. Or borrow one from somebody.

Amazon sells cam seal kits for $70 and under

I think i will find a generic socket


I use a small pitman arm puller. That gets two opposing sides to go in at the same time. I tap it gently and work my way around the seal. A selection of large body washers from a hardware store extends the range for little money.

Sockets by themselves are not a good idea if you have to get around a shaft, such as a crankshaft seal. If you use the open end of the socket on a seal and it doesn’t match the OD edge of the seal perfectly, it can bulge the OD of the seal and it won’t go in properly.

Where you don’t have to get around a shaft, you can make a seal installer with body washers, nuts and bolts. You just need a little creativity and a local hardware store.

EDIT: when I posted this yesterday, I had just installed a new front crankshaft seal in my daughters 03 Corolla and I used the pitman arm puller to do it. I also made a pulley holder out of a 1x4 and two 8x1,25x50mm bolts. Had to replace the bolts to torque down the pulley bolt as the 8mm bolts I bought were only class 8.8 (grade 2) and bent during the loosening of the bolt.

That works


Harbor Freight Tools has 10 piece bearing race and seal driver set for $29.99

You might be able to find a piece of plastic pipe at your local building supply store. Get the right diameter, make sure the cut end is smooth and flat, and hit the other end with a rubber mallet or dead blow hammer, lots of little taps, not one big whack.

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I bought a wheel socket? I think. It was $17. If ive been tapping them in with a hammer this should work well


Both these tools are worthwhile

as is the driver set that @Goldwing linked.

For many seals, such as pinion seals, special tools are needed and can be bought or fabricated. I have used combination wrenches to install seals in situations like the pinion.