Seal oil pump housing and replacing timing belt for 2k?

Hi, the dealer recommended that I replace the oil pump housing (which has a leak onto the timing belt) and also replacing the timing belt for $2000 (in California). I’m wondering about the seriousness of this problem and what I can do. Thanks!

Year, miles, maintenance history, present condition? Has it already had a timing belt change - if so, when?

Oil pump leakage is very unusual. Camshaft seal leakage more possible. I wonder if they have it diagnosed correctly. Is it actually leaking somewhere under the timing belt cover? My 1999 Civic at 180,000 miles has had neither leak, but does leak some behind the harmonic balancer (at the front end of the crankshaft.)

If you are seeing oil drip from the front of the engine or are losing oil, then maybe you should take your dealers advice.

However, I would suggest that you get a second opinion first. If you are losing oil, it maybe from somewhere else. If the second opinion confirms the first, then get quotes. There is a seal on the oil pump housing that is prone to leaking. If it is time for a new timing belt, then replacing this seal only adds about $10 to an $800 timing belt job. The timing belt job should also include a new water pump and if it is the second timing belt job, then new il seals for the cam and crank also need to be included. A new tensioner would be recommended by some also.