Oil Leak in my 1999 Honda Civic



I had the belts, power steering pump and water pump changed in December, 2006. I’ve since had a small oil leak and when I brought it to a local car repair place, they told me that they thought it was leaking in either the cam seal or crank seal. My question is, was this leak caused by changing the belts, or should they have checked these seals at this time? Should I go back to the man who did the belts and see what he should do, and if I should have to pay? The local repair that mentioned the cam and crank seals said it would cost around $300 to fix. As a woman, I need advice. Many thanks.


It is not likely they did anything to cause the leak. Maybe they should have looked a little closer and may have seen the beginnings of them but I would not blame them.

If the leaks are small, it may not pay to fix them.

I can’t see your original message, but it is possible that by doing the work they did, it may well have accelerated the beginnings of a leak that was about to start leaking anyway, just by doing the job right.