I have what seems like a “tapping” valve noise in my wifes’ 95 civic, only on start-up . . . goes away in a minute. Tomottow is maintenance on the civic day (oil change, filters, other stuff. I bought a can of seafoam to address this “tapping” . . . any comments? How much seafoam in the crankcase and for how long before the oil change? The civic is a 95, non-vtech, 150,000 miles, runs great except this annoying tapping. Rocketman


The directions say 1 1/2 oz per qt of crankcase oil. So if it’s a four quart system that would equate to 6 oz. But since a 16 oz container, I generally add a half a can of Seafoam to the oil. How long do you leave it in? Until the next oil change.



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No kidding Tester? Until the next oil change? I know you’ve had good luck with it and I’ll follow your advice. Thanks! Rocketman


Don’t hold back, Crankie.


Have you had a valve adjustment done recently? The tapping noise is almost surely your valves “tapping”.


I agree with checking the valve lash. This should be done about every 30k miles at the latest. The reason it may go away in a few minutes is that oil is being pumped up there and is cushioning the rockers. After more than a few minutes the clearance will decrease due to expansion of the metal.

If this is the case then SeaFoam, while a great product, is not going to fix that.


I thought that too, Xeb and OK . . . I checked the valve clearance last oil change and it was pretty close . . . checked it twice. It goes away, but it bothers the crap out of me. I’m thinking a sticky cam follower, but I’ve never been into the head beyond checking the clearance. Anything I’m missing? Rocketman