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How well does Sea Foam work mixed with the oil in the engine ? I have noisy valves or lifters in my 2000 Avalon?

Wondering about oil additives…Sea Foam, in particular, for noisy valves !

Do the instructions recommend it for that use?

I doubt Sea Foam will work. You need the valves adjusted.

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You have solid valve lifters. Like said above, Seafoam will do no good, you need them adjusted, if the noise is valves.


If you do it yourself you’ll probably also need shims. Here’s a link to the exploded view drawing and the shim numbers.
NOTE: you should also look up the procedure for adjusting the lash to ensure that you do it correctly. Perhaps you can can the Toyota parts window guy into printing the procedure for you.

Consider yourself lucky that your valve train is noisy. This means the valves aren’t running too tight. If they were too tight, you would be burning your valves and setting yourself up for pulling the cylinder heads for an expensive valve job. Have the valves adjusted not only to quiet them, but to make sure none of.them have inadequate valve lash.

Thank you for the information…I won’t do it myself but now I know what I’m up against…