Screeching rav4

i have a 2001 rav4 l edition. i bought it last year. my car seems to make a very high-pitched but not loud screeching sound when i press on the gas. i’ve been thinking for a while of the best adjective to use and screeching is it, but it isn’t like tires screeching. i generally can’t hear it unless my radio is off, the windows are down, and i’m on a narrow road (so that the sound bounces off the walls of the surrounding buildings).

any ideas? it’s been doing it consistently for about 6 months. i didn’t notice it when i bought the car, but as i said, it’s difficult to hear unless you’re in the right conditions.

thanks for your help.


How old is the serpentine belt? I replace mine every 3 to 4 years. Spray some water on the belt with the engine running. If the noise stops then it’s time to replace the belt. Get a good quality belt like the Goodyear Poly-V.

Ed B.

thanks, ed. i’ll try that. i know i haven’t replaced the belt and i doubt the previous owner did.