Scraping Noise

I drive a 92 Chevy Suburban and used it during a snow storm in 4WD. Ever since I took it out of 4WD it is making a loud scraping sound around the right front tire area. My auto tech replaced the brakes (which I’m pretty sure he did last year too) and now has diagnosed it as needing a new train/4wd thing. I have been driving with this sound for about 2 months. It does not seem to affect the driving, just gives off the annoying noise. My auto tech may be right, but I would like any other suggestions or comments on this problem. Big Thanks in advance!

I am not sure how your indicators work, but can you switch between 4wd and 2wd and notice any change?

I haven’t switched back to 4wd since I have been in 2wd. I will try this in the morning and let you know what happens. Thanks!

So, I was afraid to go back into 4wd and now my auto-tech has my baby. I hope he is right and all will be ok. I was quoted 1,800.00 for the surgery. Wish me luck!