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Scraped tire

I was parallel parking this morning and scraped my tire slowly and painfully on/over/off of a curb. It has light scraping on visual inspection but I’m wondering how I can check for possible internal damage? Should I just keep an eye on it? Am I risking a blowout? There is a photo here: that shows the damage (lower left side where there is white scraping).

While there doesn’t appear to be much damage to your tire, I suggest that you read-through all of the posts in this recent thread on the same topic:

Not a cause for concern to me .Use soap and water to clean the scuff mark on your tire.


Yup, it’s fine. Drive on.

Those look like circular scratches on your wheels btw. If they really are scratches and not dirt, you should stop using the car wash with the rotary wheel scrubber, because they aren’t cleaning their brushes properly and are scuffing your wheels.

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I also don’t believe there’s any damage.

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I agree with @rascal243. Clean the dust off if the are of concern is below the wheel weight in the picture. Unless it is metal belt that looks white, you are OK.

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Evidence of internal tire damage? A bulge. Not an indentation - an outward bulge. That indicates that some cords have been broken.

And that’s about all you can tell without dismounting the tire off the rim.

Thanks all for your answers. Drove on it yesterday and it felt fine, no vibration or pulling in either direction. No bulging so I’ll just keep a close eye on it!

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