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Does anyone know of a good scooter/motorcycle/moped repair shop in the north broward county, Florida area?

I just bought a scooter and it is having problems starting. It will start then will shut off after driving about 100 feet and I stop. It will start up again though. The other issue is more frustrating. I will drive for about 10 to 15 minutes and stop. I will then try to start it again, but it will not start. In both situations where this happened, I rode for the same amount of time and stayed at my location for about 90 minutes. The first time this happened, it would not start after 30 minutes and I eventually started it with the kick start. The second time it eventually started after 10 minutes. I googled the situation and one of the responses spoke of a low charging battery. It is still under warranty, but I would prefer to find my own dependable mechanic. I will see my Car Talk recommended auto mechanic for any suggestions.

What brand, what model, what engine, and how many miles on it? Did you buy it used? If so, what year is it?

Back in the 60’s I had continual problems with fouling of the spark plug on my moped. That caused a no start after running fine. I think I might have had a fuel mixing issue with too much oil in it. Try pulling the plug or putting a new one in. Either that or you’re having carb problems.


Sounds like a carb issue, or if you bought it used, there may be a bunch of crud at the bottom of the gas tank that is clogging the fuel line. If it has a fuel filter, check that too. I’d start by taking the fuel line off the carb and making sure the gas coming out is clean. If you can take the fuel bowl off the carb and clean/inspect that, it might be helpful too.

Since the moped in still under warranty let the manufacturer make the repair and keep your money in your pocket. After the repair is made find out what the problem was so if you ever have this problem again you know where to begin.

Thanks. Dealer made the same comment, when I picked it up, about not voiding the warranty.