Hyundai timing belt

I have a 2006 Sonata. The maintenance schedule does not say to replace timing belt. It makes referance to Drive belt. I would think that is the serpentine belt that runs alternator, power steering, ac. A dealer told me it timing belt needed replacing at 60k. If so, why doesn’t the maintenance schedule specify that?

For 2006, the 4 cyl has a chain, the 6 cyl has a timing belt. The previous version of the Sonata had belts on both engines.

When a factory maintenance schedule doesn’t list timing belt replacement, that is a good indication that the engine in question utilizes a timing chain, rather than a belt. Timing chains are not normally replaced unless they are causing a problem, and luckily timing chains give an audible warning of their impending demise–unlike a timing belt.

I double-checked the Gates guide to timing belt applications and it does not list a timing belt for the 4-cylinder Sonata engine after 2003, and it fails to list a timing belt for the 6-cylinder engine after 2004. Although you neglected to tell us which engine you have, it does appear that both engines in the 2006 Sonata have a timing chain. However, since it is your car, I suggest that you verify the preceding information by visiting the Gates site.

Incidentally, this situation is also a very good indicator of what most of us have observed for many years, namely that most people at a car dealership are not as knowledgeable about the cars that they sell as they should be. Most salesmen know next to nothing about the cars (Oh, the stories I could tell you!), and many service writers and service managers know only a little more than the sales people. It may take a few years for the people at that service department to figure out that the newer Sonatas do not have a timing belt.

Thank you for the info. I do have the 2.4 engine.

UM,pardon me,all dealers know they have T-chains on the V-6,UM,due to the tensioners failing at an early age,and #2 its pretty tough to spot a sealed cover vs, a plastic cover.on any car.all one has to do is open the hood,and look.all that is needed is ,um! a small amount of common sense.(oh ! thats right he works on this site.

Because of your poor sentence structure your point is unclear,I must ask, are you saying it is difficult to tell the difference between a sealed cover (used with timing chain) and a “plastic” cover (used with belts)? I find the difference easy to distinguish.

CSA (like all of us)does not “work” on this site,his efforts are considered a “hobby”.

Otherwise, I wish Gates would state “engine uses timing chain” instead of a omission leading us to conclude this design feature.

its a sarcastic answer,thanks for the creative writing lesson though.


better re-read your AWESOME ,sentence STRUCTURE.(not all that great)