Keep or scrap?: 04 Sequoia

We’ve been having vehicle stability control (VSC) problems in our 04 Sequoia. Basically, the thing kicks on randomly, killing power to the engine. Toyota just announced a voluntary recall of 03 models for this same problem, but when we called Toyota, they basically told us to shove it because there’s no recall for our year model. We’d have to pay for this ourselves. Given the trouble that Toyota is in, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them open that VSC recall up to more year models, but in the mean time, our Sequoia is at 10K miles over the recommended 90K mileage to get the timing belt replaced. Since we just had the timing belt in our Sonata go out (our fault), we’re now on pins and needles.

Almost forgot to mention that after Toyota gave us the cold shoulder on the VSC issue, we filed an NHTSA complaint, citing the safety issues involved with losing power at highway speeds and having cars nearly rear-end us.

Should we make another run at Toyota, post NHTSA complaint, and get them to do what is, by all accounts, the right thing and fix the VSC system? Wait for them to cave and issue a recall for our year model? Or, just sell this thing, take another car note lump and get a hybrid with better mileage?

“If a customer has previously paid to replace the Skid Control ECU for this specific condition prior to receiving a letter, the customer should mail a copy of their repair order, to the following address for reimbursement consideration”

Good Video Explanation of VSC

What is consideration if they apply this to the 04?

There seems to be an underground of information how to disable the feature. I hate it when computers take away common sense.

The problem is, so far, 04 is not part of the recall. So we’re out of luck… until they open it up to other year models.

I hadn’t seen that video before. It is very informative.

If you have any links on how other people have handled this situation, please post.

Thanks very much.

The timing belt is just routine maintenance. The problem with the VSC could easily be something as simple as a bad sensor. Have you actually had cause of the problem verified? I’d figure out what the acutual issue with the system is before I start pointing fingers at Toyota. I would also get the timing belt replaced, it’s just routine work. I think you’re jumping the gun in thinking about getting rid of it because of normal maintenance and one problem that you don’t even know the direct cause of.

Sorry Dowey Cheatam and Howe, my lawyers suggest I do not post direct link. Google can be your friend. terms such as toyota vsc disable may be helpful. All actions are taken at your own risk. I loved the part may even disable your engine!

1st get the timing belt job done. My '01 Sequoia was about $600 and I had a good independant mechanic do the job. I can’t see scraping it, unless it has significant body damage. Generally Sequoia’s are built well and hold up well.

The VSC control system on my '01 kicks in as soon as I hit any gravel or sand when accelerating up hill. It is disconcerting but not a safety hazard in my case. If your rear tires are getting worn this will make the problem worse. Make sure you have good tires on the rear and don’t over or under inflate them. That’s about the best you can do to minimize the wheel spin the causes the system to kick in.