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Scion XB Air Conditioning

I have a 2006 Scion XB I purchased last year. Last week the air was blowing cold in town and then blowing warm at highway speed. I took it to my mechanic who charged the system (said it was a pound low) and said he did not detect any leaks. Now suddenly it stops blowing cold altogether. Not all the time. It blows cold in the morning. Then in the afternoon when I leave work it blows hot. But I can stop the car a few miles down the road, turn the car off, start it back up, and it blows cold. Any ideas? Kinda scared to take it to the dealer…

If it can blow cold air at any time, the problem is most likely not mechanical but within the control systems. It could be a bad circuit breaker, control unit, or sensors. A good A/C specialty shop may be a better bet than the dealer.

I suggest you find a shop that specializes in automotive HVAC systems. They are the experts. A Scion dealer is no different than an independent mechanic when it comes to AC systems. It’s a side line for them, not what they make their living at. Find a shop that does AC for a living. They’ll fix it

Thanks. I really appreciate the advice.