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2006 Scion xB air conditioning flickers and then died

So we have 2006 Scion xB. The AC has been working lately a champ. Last fall, it started to act up, where it simply wouldn’t turn on times, seemingly whenever it was hot out. The heat worked fine over the winter, no problems. This spring the AC would again act up, where it sometimes wouldn’t turn on. When it did turn on, usually in the early morning, the AC worked great.

Now that its summer, the AC doesn’t work at all. Anyone have any idea what I should check, could it be as simple as fuse?

I would find a good Auto AC shop and have them test the system. It may just be low in refrigerant and a sensor has refused to allow the compressor to cycle the system because it’s senses that the system is low.


When you turn the AC to “on”, do the engine compartment fans near the radiator start spinning?

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