Scion XB 2005 gas filling

I never had any problems filling my gas tank until, last week. I always fill my tank,full. I thought last week, the pump was the problem, but I again had the same issue today. I can’t clamp the pump handle to fill automatically. I have to hold the handle and it keeps acting like my tank is full (even though my tank is only half full). I stopped by the Toyota dealer and they said almost $200. just for diagnostics. NOT going to happen. Then they said my fuel pipes collapsed and had to be replaced (without even looking at my car); they seemed to know this is a common problem. What the Hey?! I thought maybe vapor lock (but what causes this each time, suddenly and how do I fix it?). I have always filled my tank, until recently, when I accidently let it get down to where my ‘low gas’ light came on, twice. The only two times since I ordered this great car, new.

Please do a search for “gas tank” tank filling" "gas tank / pump shut off"
This has been discussed extensively.

If in the past you’ve been in the habit of topping off your tank after the initial click-off, what you are now experiencing is generaly one of the results.