Scion fr-s

Interesting. I never knew that.

Amazing…right under our feet and we never knew it…the Camaru or the Subecam or the…cool.
I would be interested to see more interesting cars…from both. Joked earlier about a Subacoma truck…

The world is hard to keep up with these days.

Thanks, VDCdriver. I already knew about the Indiana plant. I expect even more US production as a result of Toyota’s big move here, and the afore mentioned association.

I have to admit, before the FR-S, I didn’t have the slightest clue that Subie and Toyota are “related” (other than being from Japan!).

It’s a pretty recent development. GM owned a part before then.

Yrs ago VW was considering adding liquid cooled heads for their bug motor. This was mid 70’s and they still made tons of bugs for the Mexico market. I know Porsche had liquid cooled bits on the 959 car. The theory was lower cog and better aero on the car for lower hood lines.

It's a pretty recent development. GM owned a part before then.

The NUMA plant where they built the Pontiac Matrix and Toyota Vibe?

Nope, GM had 20 % of the Subaru company starting in 1999, at the same time that GM owned SAAB. That’s one reason there was the ‘Saabaru’ 9-2, a re-badged Impreza: