Subaru brz VS scion frs

I know these cars are incredibly similar, and I know the slight performance differences, but what are your opinions, do you favor one or the other? And why?

Consumer reports on utube has a comparison. My take is, the difference is slight enough not to make much of a difference. How much more comfortable can you make the ride of one then the other. Besides, if they “say” they are exactly alike, there would be no incentive to choose one over the other. That’s not capitalism. You need be convinced there is a difference…other then the decals.

One difference is the stereo/nav unit, I’ve read complaints about the one used in the Subaru version. So it really comes down to some small differences.

Six of one, half dozen of the other. I’d get the one you can get for the best deal.

I haven’t driven either one, but from reading up on them, it appears that Toyota wanted to resurrect the feeling of the AE86 Corolla that is popular with drifters. Subaru went for maximum cornering, especially in the hands of less experienced drivers. The differences are very small but if you want to win races, go with the Subie, if you just want to have fun, then get the Scion.

“The differences are very small but if you want to win races, go with the Subie, if you just want to have fun, then get the Scion.”

They will need serious modifications to win races. Hey, we’re talking about Toyota. They took the title of frumpmoble away from GM several years ago. Almost everything they build looks like it was designed using the old GM design rules. Your Father’s Lexus. Your Father’s Avalon. Your Father’s Camry. They just roll off the tongue (um, fingers).

Seeing that they r similar enough not to make any real difference (I won’t be racing… At least for a while) I guess it comes down to price and the drive

Actually, what is more mportant for many is the color. If you really like red and there is only a red Subaru available, even though you prefer the Scion, this models are close enough that COLOR will be the deciding factor.
People wear their cars like cloths and if color matters to you in clothing, it will in car choice.

I like the looks. Remember that these are affordable cars and not $40K sports sedans. And, except for a need for more power, have read nothing but positive comments in the rags. Top Gear voted the FRS “Car of the Year”. Two cars have never been more the same, so it’s only a matter of taste.

Unfortunately, I can’t get in or out of either. Bummer.

“Unfortunately, I can’t get in or out of either”

…and my “fitment” problem extends to other models as well…
On Saturday, I was at the Short Hills Mall, a very upscale place (no, I didn’t buy anything there!), and I noticed that there is now a Tesla showroom in the mall. If you think that this might be out of place in a shopping mall, bear in mind that this is the type of mall where there are cars like Bentley GTs displayed for folks to ogle, so apparently the Tesla folks think that this is a good place to drum-up some business.

So, I walked in to look at the new high-tech iron, and I have to say that it was all very impressive.
I was even surprised to see that this new Tesla 4-door model has an optional jump seat in the rear area (accessed via a large hatch), and thus is able to seat 7 people. That is certainly unique for a sports sedan.

The touch-screen display was very large and very clear, and its simplicity of operation makes it look like it would be much less frustrating and much less distracting than similar systems from BMW, Audi, Lincoln, & Cadillac.

Then, it came time to sit in this beauty, and–while I was able to get into and out of the car without assistance–
I know that I would wind up with the need for orthopedic surgery if I had to do it on a steady basis. As a result, I concluded that I would not be buying one of these cars.

Isn’t that a good way of rationalizing something that I couldn’t have afforded anyway?


@VDCdriver - I hadn’t realized the Tesla had those jump seats. Would work for 2 small kids, but one had better make sure they are not (edit, oops) prone to motion sickness, I’ve heard those rear-facing seat areas called a ‘vomitorium’ in other cars/wagons…

VDC, that’s disappointing to hear. It owuld be a shame to see such a technilogical marvel suffer because of access/egress difficulty. I have to admit, however, that I occasionally ride in a friend’s 4-door, and being used to long coupe doors I find that B-pillar to be a PITA on every 4-door.

I was told the police that patrol Short Hills used to stop just about anyone they didn’t recognize. If you didn’t have legitimate business there, you were told to move on. Since a resident told me this, it seems true. Is it still that way? But that was 40 years ago. Maybe things have changed.

It is very likely true in that community. You know how those multi-millionaires are!

In the mall, they obviously can’t be that selective, and some of the people shopping there may well be…roving urban pharmaceutical representatives, based on their appearance. But, for a merchant, money is money, I guess.

keep the rifraf out. They don’t want us lowering their car’s value by parking our pathetically rubbish Hyundai next to their Rolls Royce. Think of the horror they’d feel. They’d probably sue for diminished value on their car

They will need serious modifications to win races.

Depends who and what they’re racing. If they’re bracket racing or doing classed autocross, it’ll be more about how good the driver is than how fast the car is.