Subaru head gasket

I heard that the subaru from 1998-2001?/2002? have a problem with blowing a head gasket in a duel cam engine. Is it true that the single cam does not have this problem? And are all these years correct 98/02?

Thank you, jess

It more like 96-2001 in the 2.5L motor only. The 2002 up 2.5L does not have the issue.

You can purchase a 2.2L 90-99 without worry. Also the WRX with 2.0L turbo does not have this issue either.

I’ve had a head gasket go on a 2000 Subaru. Dealer said I’d need a new engine. I fail to see why, but my wife wanted to trust the dealer. He charged us $5,000 for a “new” engine, but what I got was a
remanufactured short block and 2 new heads.

I feel this dealer ripped us off, and I’m telling my story every chance I get. This was First Team Subaru in Roanoke, VA.I’ll never buy a Subaru again. Don’t care if they’ve fixed the problem or not. I don’t like being ripped off, and the dealer made no effort to make it right.