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Scary Pumpkin



Considering how many people’s car I can see into driving my truck with that CEL light glowing brightly, it isn’t scaring nearly enough!! :roll_eyes:


There seems to be a fairly substantial portion of the driving public that is under the delusion that this is a normal situation. My take on it is simply a state of denial.

As a HS counselor, when I attempted to discuss a student’s recent arrest record with parents, more often than not, they would tell me, “Oh, EVERY kid has an arrest record by the time that he gets to high school”. :roll_eyes:
Because I had a very good relationship with the local P.D., I received all relevant arrest reports, and–in reality–only about 2% of my counselees had a run-in with the law.

Similarly, parents whose kids had tested positive for illicit drugs would frequently say something along the lines of… ALL of the kids are using drugs … despite the fact that this was very far from the truth.

I think that, for many people, rationalizing that something is “normal” is much easier than actually dealing with their problems. Of course, their problems only become magnified because of their willful ignorance, but ignoring problems when they can still be readily addressed seems to be easier for them at the outset.


Ignored problems with an automobile never go away. Ignored problems with a child may go away, and that is what the parents probably hope for. More serious problems, like the ones you mention, need to be addressed. Immediately before they become too difficult to deal with.