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Scary brakes

I started this question and it was submitted before I was finished. Did I go over 400 words?

Here’s the ending:car went thump when backing up unless I didn’t use emergency brakes. After 20 miles on Interstate the car went “crazy” at ramp exit when I put on brakes.

My brake light started dinging, my engine warning light went on, my oil change light went on. Brakes worked fine. I pulled over, shut off the engine, turned it back on. No change. Lights went on, etc. Oil OK, trans oil OK. Car seemed to “settle”. Called mechanic. He said to bring it in next week. After a long wait I drove it home using back streets. No trouble.

What is the title of the first part of your question?

I am having a problem understanding the full story with only the second half of the question, since I can’t find the first part. Can you try again to give us the full story (including make, model, model year, odometer mileage, and information on the car’s maintenance record) in one post?

I’m really lost in trying to understand this.

Did the engine shut down when you put on your brakes at the ramp?

MB–I’m with you. Unless the OP manages to locate the other thread (which I don’t believe actually got posted, due to some gremlins) or is willing to give us the whole story from the beginning, there is nothing except some incomprehensibly garbled “information”.

Sorry for not telling all. My car is a 94 Buick LaSabre with 125,000 miles on it. I take it in for regular checkups. About six weeks ago my car would “thump” like it was going over something (a piece of wood 2 inches square?)everytime I backed it up out of my garage. I took it to my wonderful mechanic. He said some kind of plate under the motor was a bit off but within specs. He fixed it. The next day it went “thump” again. Then I noticed if the car sat it might do a lighter thump if I drove forward. This was happening when I left my garage or parked the car at the store, not just stopping at the corner or at a signal. At the second visit to the mechanic they found fishing line around some part of the brakes. Took it off said everything was fine. The next day it was thumping again. This happened only after releasing the emergency brake. So I quite using the emergency brake when parking and didn’t have any problems. I took the car in again - it needed a state inspection anyway. It passed the inspection with flying colors. Still had thumping if I forgot and used the emergency brake.

Thursday I drove 20 miles on the Interstate. The rest is above in my first post. The car engine did not stop on its own. I switched the motor off a couple of times after getting off the Interstate (Freeway). The idiot lights went on immediately after I turned the engine back on. The rest is above on the first post.