Saying good bye to my European loves


I have 2 cars. They are both 1998, both paid for. An automatic Audi A6 that I originally leased and then had to purchase due to an accident just before the trade in, and a 5 speed Saab Convertible… I repaired the Audi with the help of the insurance co. BOth are great to drive but not so great to fill up. They are expensive every way you slice it, basically a couple of European albatrosses around my neck. I don’t need 2 cars, but I do need one that I like to drive, not expensive, posssibly another convertible… Should I trade them both in and cut my losses OR try and sell them on the open market ( huge time drain, gotta get them detailed etc… )

Their Blue book is good. they are well maintained. I need good mileage b/c I commute several times a week about 100 miles roundtrip… What’s a girl to do?


One might inquire why you have had two cars all the while. Just curious.

The general tenor of this forum is to encourage people to keep their current cars as long as possible. This is especially true for owners that are generally well pleased with their vehicles. If you are concerned about the costs, and this seems to be your only concern, factor in a monthly car payment and insurance on your new replacement vehicle.

My vote, FWIW, is to sell one car and keep the other. Choose your favorite. Mine would be the Saab ragtop. Clean up the Audi and take your time finding a buyer willing to meet your price. And I have no argument with anyone who offers a contrasting opinion.


I agree with SteveF. Keep the Saab, sell the Audi. You’ll be much better off financially that way.

Course, you could sell both and get a Camry, but that’s boring. Just think of the extra ten grand or whatever you’ll have in your bank account by selling the Audi. That’s likely a lot more than you’d spend on gas in a year.


I would also keep whichever car you prefer, it’s unlikely the improved mileage of a newer car will offset the cost, especially if you buy/lease a new car. It’s hard to beat a paid for car that you enjoy, regardless of fuel prices.