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Saw an article

on a man had the same issues as my daughters car. is from July 2002. said was answers there to fix her car. steers hard to left sometimes,radio sound goes out when put in gear and sometimes the seatbelt light comes on. just lately. ideas on how to view article from 2002/ or somewhere new to find answers/

Wouldn’t that really be a question for As far as info from other places, maybe start a thread in the maintenance section.

This is your daughters car and you did not immediately take it to a shop when she said she had steering problems? The radio going out and seat belt light sound like minor problems but steering is not.

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If you can’t find the link by trying a variety of Google searches, you’ll have to contact the original website directly. Maybe they have an archival search feature for their own use.

Your daughter’s safety is at stake here. I strongly, strongly urge you NOT to use information from another thread as a basis for diagnosing your daughter’s car. Every car is different, every car wears different, and every car’s driving environment and driver’s habits are different. For a nonsafety issue, like a dashlight blinking, it’s fine to try the solution from another thread, but for a car that pulls to one side it is NOT fine. It needs to be diagnosed from scratch by a qualified shop and repaired properly.

Skip the Google searches. Find a reputable independently owned and operated shop that does chassis work and have the vehicle evaluated ASAP. It might be nothing serious, but your daughter’s car could also have a bad ball joint ready to let a wheel fall off the car, or a bad tie rod end ready to come apart, or any number of other life-endangering problems.

I strongly urge you to get this car to a shop ASAP. Let us know what they find. We do care.


after sniffing hard on google and talking to car mechanic have replaced the neutral safety switch. at shifter mount at top of tranny. so much better. starts better radio not cut out seat-belt lite is off. oh my. who would have thought. did let her drive our van while the car set here. fixed it after home from work. thanks for all concerns.

@kyccc Did the steering problem get fixed and if so what was it?

It’s weird that a neutral safety switch would affect the radio, seat belt light maybe I can see that, but radio? I guess anything’s possible what with the miles of wiring used in newer cars these days. Good for you for sticking with it and getting it solved. Best of luck.

i did drain some power steering fluid and replace it with Lucas power steering additive. i did replace the neutral safety switch. she has been driving sine i did both. no issues what so ever. did read in my sniffing that there is a electric valve in the power steering circuit that opens a valve that allows more or less flow. perhaps this was also in the same circuitry as the NSS. all i know is she has said it is driving perfect.

Not sure what valve that would be. There’s sometimes a valve in a power steering pump that routes more air into the engine during turning, similar to pushing down on a gas pedal a little, to speed up the engine rpm to prevent stalling during slow speed turning, like in parking lots.

Variable assist power steering, commonly found in cars that daughters drive however the additive probably cleaned the control valve in the rack and pinion.

will take the fix either way. thank you.