1997 Ford Taurus GL Hitting neutral when turned to far to the left!

I need help finding out what is wrong with my Taurus. I have searched all over the internet not finding any posts about a similar problem. When driving after I turn past a certain point only to the left not to the right. The car slips into neutral revving, then once Ive straitened out somewhere along the wheel turning radius it re-engages in gear and lurches forward. The car drives fine and shifts smoothly except this. Anything that may be of help would be greatly appreciated.


Have you checked the vehicle’s automatic transmission fluid? It could be low. The only other cause I can think of is the shift linkage is out of adjustment. A good independent mechanic should be able to sort things out quickly.

Thank you. I checked the fluid its low so I am filling it hopefully this will solve it. Thanks again.

If that’s not it then something is loose allowing flex at that point.

– with the car on jackstands or a shop hoist ;
with the hood up, look down in the trans axle area, work the shift lever and see how it moves now that it’s working right.
Next, operate the steering far left and watch what happens both under the hood and below.
As it reaches full left.
Is the steering rack moving ?
Are the control arms moving ?
How about the whole transaxle ?

A bad mount for one of these would allow enough movement to pull the lever back then return it after.

Watch from above as the steering column turns. Does anything grab at the shift cable ?