Save it or Junk it

My husband and I have a 2004 Toyota Tundra with 220,000 miles. The existing engine is used (mistake #1) put in by a Toyota dealer after the original engine was ruined by dust in off road conditions. The used engine failed already (only got 6,000 easy miles off of it) and we now have 6/8 viable cyclinders with probably more ready to go. The truck has been fantastic - 214,000 miles on the original engine. We’ve gone back and forth on whether to buy a new engine or dump it. What else could go next is always looming. We have a local mechanic whom we’ve gone to over the years give us estimates for several options - for a new engine with a 36,000/3 year warranty it would cost $8,000 to replace (yicks). Other options are rebuilt engine for about $5,000 and 12 month warranty. My husband wants to get a new truck - I don’t want to spend the money. Everytime I look at the truck - I think wow, this is a nice looking truck - can’t we salvage it?? It’s just sitting in our driveway waiting for a decision. What are your opinions out there in car talk world?

No warranty on the used engine that is in there already? I would take your case further up the food chain at Toyota if it was installed at a Toyota dealer as you say.

oh yes, forgot to mention that the used engine had a minimal warranty that had expired - we took a chance and lost on that one.

makes me sad because i want a newer tundra. buy a new toyota truck and try to sell the old one. and 8k for a new engine is alot. specialy when you can use it for a down payment on a newer nicer one. get the TVR offroad