Knowing when to say goodbye to old reliable

Have a 98 Corolla with 283,000 miles, engine died, do I get a used engine for about $1400 or get ride of car for whatever I can get?

It depends entirely on what shape the rest of the car is in. Also, what the car is used for. If you install a $1400 engine, some other item will fail in the near future at that mileage. If you can live with that, go ahead and fix it.

If you can’t tolerate downtime, I would get a new set of wheels.

the rest of the car is in pretty good shape I have replaced a lot of components but this is the first time the engine has failed me. I use the car to do my work so I put on a lot miles.

283,000 miles is a lot. If you have faith in the transmission, steering, suspension and brake components, then it would probably be worth it. Make sure you have a reputable shop do the transplant. Don’t get a Tijuana special just to save a couple hundred dollars, it will come back to bite you.

yes I know it happened to me with an 86 Camry I got somebody to put a junkyard engine for 500 bucks and from the get go I knew it was a mistake. It never ran good and 6mos later it died on me.

I would look hard at the rest of the car . . . it’s only a '98. If the rest is OK, go for the used engine . . . and do any seals and gaskets you can while the donor engine is waiting to go into your car. Most folks drive 15k a year or so . . so the donor car you should look for is a wrecked '98 with around 135k on it. And Toyota made a ton of Corollas, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting what you want in a decent used engine. Good luck! Rocketman

What happened to the engine? “Died” covers the entire spectrum of possibilities.

its making a real loud racket as it’s running, the mechanic says there’s something getting loose inside the engine and at any give moment, the whole thing is gonna go kaputz, pistons, valves, oil shooting up everywhere, ect. He advised me not to hit the expressway until I fix it or get rid or it. He of course wants me to fix it, and I’m leaning towards that even though used Corolla engines are not too easy to find since these cars last so damn long, there’s not many of them in junkyards.

ps. we found a used engine with 96,000 miles and it does come with a 30 day warranty. But of course, there’s labor costs if it has to be swapped again.