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Saudis changing tyres while driving

In the category of glory their guts but damn their judgment…:smiley:

Sure looks like a circus act to me… :smiley:

yup. Obviously had a bunged up differential so that only one wheel was powered. Or perhaps the parking brake set to work on only one of the rear wheels.


Long time, no see. I haven’t seen any of your contributions, lately. Good to see you’re back! I find your comments interesting.
CSA :smile_cat:


Well, it’s dangerous, but only to them. Out in the desert you can go a day without seeing any other cars. Any circus act is dangerous to the performer, and I have to admit… I’m amazed by the skill of everyone involved, including the driver.

Pull the parking brake up until it’s just barely on. That’ll stop the wheel off the ground without stopping the one on the ground.

Joie Chitwood’s legacy survives in the Middle Eastern desert!

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False advertising. That’s not changing a tire.

Certainly not the time to drop a lug nut or tire for that matter…oops, now what?

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Those drivers that are seen passing the circus act are pretty brave

If I were driving on a public road and saw that activity going on, I certainly wouldn’t pass them

In fact, I’d hang WAY back, or maybe even get off at the next exit

That’s potentially a house of cards, and if/when it collapses, I don’t want to be anywhere near them

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I wonder if anyone has ever done that with a tractor trailer?

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Thanks CSA. Had a health blip immediately followed by the head-on crash by a hit and run driver a few months back. Mostly have been occupied with recovery from both. But hey, I lived to walk away with minimal permanent harm from both so count it good.


I think the procedure for changing tires this way may be in the owner’s manual for cars that don’t come with a jack

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I saw this before. Did someone post another video of this a few years ago?

Edit: @ok4450 posted this in March of 2011. It’s still awesome.

I thought it looked familiar. Had forgotten it was on here I had seen it. :smiley::smiley::smiley:

No wonder their hair is all white. I thought they all had black beards over there. What can I say, no shoes? But at least they weren’t wearing dresses. Stupid.

Good to have you back! We’re all just “penciled in”. I hope you stick around and keep contributing! :smile:

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