Should I buy a Mercury, Chrysler, or Saturn

I am in the market for a used car. Should I stay away from cars made by a company that is going under like Chrysler or Saturn? Or will I be able to find parts and get my car repaired after the companies close?

  1. Chrysler is not going out of business. Your US government saw to that. You will be able to get your car repaired at a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealership if you want to, and parts will continue for the foreseeable future. If there is a model you like, it’s safe for now.

  2. Saturn will cease production and shut down by the end of next year. You will be able to get it serviced at any GM dealer, just as any Oldsmobile owner can. I have a 2003 Olds and have no problems getting parts or service, and I expect this to be the case with Saturns.

You can get your car serviced by any mechanic. You don’t have to go to a dealer. Surplus parts will eventually be available for the very few parts are are specific to Saturn, like front or rear fascia that distinguish it from an otherwise identical Chevy. Unless you plan on driving it for 20 years, I wouldn’t worry about it.

BTW, I bought my Olds 7 years ago after GM announced they were discontinuing the marque. I don’t regret the purchase at all.

You may have a problem if you buy a Saturn Astra. This car was designed by Opel of Germany (a GM subsidiary), and built in Belgium. Saturn will be shut down soon, and the GM dealers will service your car, if so required. Howewever, the long term supply of European parts for the Astra are gloomy. Opel will be owned by Magnum of Canada, and the Russians with minor shares held by GM. The parts for the Astra, if available, will be expensive. There were not enough sold to create aftermarket parts, so the Pep Boys and others will not likely carry parts.

On the other hand, a Saturn which is a clone of a US built car would be OK. Parts for it would be available for a long time.

Years ago a friend of my wife bought a Mercury Merkur, a German Ford. They sold that model for ony a few years in the US. She had no end of problems getting it serviced and getting parts. Like the Astra, it was an “orphan car”.

Others here have addressed the afterpurchase suppot question. I’d like to address something more personal. Personally, I’d be prone to avoid a car built by a bunch of people who knew their factory was closing and they were losing their jobs.

I was involved in the results of a factory shutdown once. We were shutting a union shop down in NY and opening up a nonunion replacement plant in (I won’t hint where). It was not pretty.

“…a car built by a bunch of people who knew their factory was closing and they were losing their jobs.”

That’s a reasonable point. But the Tennessee plant has been shut down for several years. The other Saturns are built in factories shared with Chevrolet. In any case, MissVickie wants a used car.

Good points.

Mercury Milan is a nice car 4Cl is good 6cl is better great ride. Those cars will be around for a while.



For used cars in your choices, Mercury Sables are they safest bets as the are a Ford Taurus with Ford still in production. The are very reasonably priced used and quite reliable. I like you, would not touch a car that I planned to keep and was not in full production for the foreseeable future. Good question.
If you’re open for suggestions outside of your choices and have a dealer you can trust, my used car recommendations are always Camry/Accords for sedans.

I have to agree. Toyotas have always had an excellent record for reliability, as have Hondas. I’d like to second dagosa’s suggestion that you consider a Camry or an Accord. If you’ve got extra money to spend a used Lexus (Toyota’s luxury brand) or Acura (Honda’s equivalent of a Lexus) should also be good. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the money to test either one out. :slight_smile: