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Saturn won't start

My friend has a Saturn SL2 that is manual. He has the clutch fully disengaged but the starter won’t turn over as if the clutch is engaged. His battery and starter are both fine. What makes the problem even more confusing is that it is intermittent, sometimes the car will start right up, but other times it will not.

The ignition is fine.

The fuses are fine.

When the key is turned what exactly happens. Do you get any noise etc.

[i] His battery and starter are both fine[/i]  How do you know that?  Have they been tested?  Don't eliminate anything until it is truly eliminated, and then you might want to recheck in the next day.

There is a switch above the clutch there may be 2 if it has cruise control. One of them is a safety so you can’t start the car without depressing the clutch. You could try just jumping the connector on the switch, or just replacing the switch, I don’t think they cost that much.