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Saturn SL2 having trouble starting


I have a '98 Saturn who is having a bit of trouble. When I turn the key the only way to get the car to start is to push the gas pedal to the floor and rev the engine until it warms up a bit and can hold the RPMs above 1000 on its own. It idles fine when I’m stoped but when I go to accelerate the rpm’s fall below 1000 and i’m afraid it’s going to shut off. If I slowly accelerate things are fine. Does anyone have an idea of what could be wrong with my car?

Just to be clear, the “gas pedal” is actually an “air pedal” - i.e. when you push your foot down it opens a throttle plate that allows the engine to pull in more air. The computer has ways of knowing this and supplies the fuel.

Whenever your foot is off the throttle (like when starting it or coming to a stop), the air is supposed to be let in by an idle air control (IAC) valve. I’d ask someone to check this out.