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Fall in rpm

Coming to a stop the car acts like it is going to quit,stall .it gets quieter if that makes sense. it is a saturn sl2 with 148,000, recently last year has had brakes-just last week, battery last month,fuel filter, water pump last year. Friend said it could be spark plugs which were done about 50,000 miles ago

It could be a lazy idle air control (IAC) valve.

It could be a sticking open EGR valve.

It could be - if its an automatic transmission - a sluggish unlock of the torque converter clutch.

It could be … any number of other things. The above are my first suspects.

is adjusting/fixing iac an easy thing to do?? it is an automatic transmission

The IAC normally sits right on the throttle body and is held on with all of 2 or 3 small bolts. You start by cleaning it up really well with something like throttle body cleanr. You may as well clean the throttle body while you’re at it.

ok will try that, thanks