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Saturn SC2 95

My saturn SC2 has had many problems but there is one i cant solve. Everytime i accelerate to much my car will start to stutter and put until i come to a dead stop and then it will die. what can i do to fix it

Have you changed your fuel and air filter? If so Fuel pump failing would be the next thing to check.

i have not but i have heard someone say that the fuel filter could be it. could i do it myself easily?

Yes a fuel filter is usually an easy owner replacement part, except in my last 2 vehicles. purolator filter was bigger than oem so plastic holder would not hold it, so it was zip tied in place, toyota pickup needed starter motor removed to replace fuel filter, sometimes easy sometimes not, your library or a stop at the parts store can probably provide you with more info.

alright thanks a bunch

Unfortunately there are many possible reasons why an engine might stutter and putt to a stop when you accelerate. You basically need three things to accelerate, sufficient fuel flow to maintain the rich mix needed, a strong spark to properly combust the rich mix, and the ability of the engine to readily expell the higher amounts of exhaust.

I believe your '95 has an OBDI system. You can check that for codes, but it may not be a help.

Start by checking the fuel line pressure and testing the pressure regulator. The instructions will be with the test kit and in the repair manual that you’re going to need to buy at the parts store when you buy the fuel pressure test kit.

Pick up a spark tester while you’re there and check for good and reliable spark.

You may want to check vacuum readings too. The instructions will be with the vacuum gage. You may have a vacuuum leak, which would be another common cause of your symptoms on an older car.

If these are good, you’ll need to look at the signals from the sensors that govern fuel mix. Those would be the mass airflow sensor (MAF), the manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP), the throttle position sensor, and the oxygen sensor (a low probability IMHO). I’m going to skip some, like the crank position sensor and the temp sensor, because IMHO they’re not likely causes.

And you’ll want to bypass the cat converter as a test to see of it’s restricted.

Sound too complicated? That’s because it is. There are just too many possible causes for sputtering to a halt on acceleration. Perhaps the best thing would be to bring it to a reputable independent local shop. Thd diagnosis should be in the neighborhood of $100 and then you’ll know exactly what you’re dealing with.

From the sound of his post, the fuel filter was changed sometime between long ago, and never. So if he changes it and it fixes the car-great. If it doesn’t fix the car it needs doing anyway so whats the harm? Besides, it’s the first thing I thought of when I read his post.

I have no argument with that.

Actually, the first thing I thought of was the fuel pump. But in thinking about it I realized that this 15 year old classic in all likelihood has a long list of possibilities. I tried to start with a summary of fuel availability, ignition system possibilities, and vacuum leaks. All good canddates on a 15 year young classic.

i just had a recent tune up and got new spark plugs and my coolant fixed because my engine was being flooded and wouldnt start up easily when it would do its putt and die, so i might take it to them again if it is to complicated to do myself. i wanted to save some money though

You had your coolant fixed because your engine was being flooded and wouldn’t start up easily?

I sincerely mean this with respect, but I think you’d best leave the diagnosis to a reputable garage. We’re always here to help with the simple stuff, so don’t hesitate to come back with future questions, but I think this one will need a higher level of expertise. Your statement may be a misunderstanding of something like a headgasket issue, but it also could be a “red herring” and mislead us in our quest to help.

Sincere best.

thats why i havent fix it already, obviously i dont know much about cars otherwise i wouldnt be asking for help, but im taking to a shop anyways