1995 Saturn SC - Idle Problems/stalls After Acceleration

Hello All! I have this old Saturn I just cannot give up on because the motor only have 60k original and the transmission was rebuilt about 15k ago. When it runs, it runs decent enough, no complaints.

However, recently, (last couple of months) after I give it some gas (read: 3500rpm and up - roughly) and then bring the car back to an idle at a stop, it tries (usually successfully) to die.

The engine will putter and sputter for maybe 2-4 seconds and then quit. It will start back up and go again, but this has been more and more persistent of late.

It normally happens when it is warm. But, I usually don’t rev the engine when cold anyway.

In my novice estimation, I was thinking start with some type of fuel system flush and maybe new fuel filter(s)?? Is it possible I have just have junk in my fuel lines?

Thanks in advance for the help!


I think its more likely that your idle air control valve (IAC) is maybe a little sluggish. Normally you can easily pull these off and clean them out.

Its also possible that your torque converter clutch is not unlocking when you come to a stop. Who/what kind of shop rebuilt the transmission?

Thanks for the reply. We had a transmission shop in town pull and rebuild it. Hope that helps.

I would be suspecting the ect. Need to look at it with a scan tool and watch fuel trims. It’s probably stalling at a stop due to flooding.

So, I just had a mechanic tell me that I need a new muffler and that, because the muffler is not creating the proper “back flow” (or some such term), it is causing the motor to sputter and stall.

I’m willing to concede the muffler needs to be replaced because it’s rotted and the car is loud.

Is this mechanic pulling my leg or could this legitimately be the source of the problem?

Thanks again everyone!!

I had a 95 Saturn SC1 for 6 years. About every year and a half to 2 years I would begin to have this problem. I had to replace the EGR valve each time and that fixed it. I just bought a used one on Ebay and replaced it myself. It’s right on top of the engine so a 10 year old could replace it.

Thanks for the heads up - I will get on Ebay and check that our right now.