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Saturn Not Starting

My 96 Saturn SL2 isn’t starting. It is not getting spark. The battery is strong. The alternator is newish and good. The problem started by it stalling after 10 mins of driving. After letting it sit for 30 mins, it would start right up. 10 more mins of driving, it would stall again. The 30 mins of sitting time increased to 45 mins. It would run great (while running). It never sputtered, just stalled imediately. I pulled the codes…camshaft position sensor (my car doesn’t have this sensor, but a crankshaft position sensor). I changed the cps and the ignition coil. After letting it sit for two weeks over Christmas, I tried to start it. It would turn over and over, but not start. I’m getting gas (new gas filter too), but no spark.