2001 Saturn SL2 Cranks, will not start, no spark

Info about my car: 2001 Saturn SL2, 4 cyl, Front Wheel Drive, Automatic, 90000 miles

Problem: Starts great and runs great when cold. After it gets hot if you turn it off and try to start it again it just cranks and cranks but will not start and we have no spark… ? Temp is in normal limits and engine coolant level is good.

We have checked / replaced the following:

“alternator” - tested - no problem

“battery” - replaced - no change

“fuel pump” - tested - no problem

“coils” - replaced - no change

“ignition control module” - replaced - no change

“spark plug wires” - inspected - no problems

“error codes” - checked by Autozone - none

Thanks for your help!


Have you checked the fuses under the and in the dash for a problem? You need to see if power is getting to the ignition system. If there is power getting to it then maybe the crank sensor is the next check.