Car turns over but doesnt want to ignite

i have a 94 saturn sl2,when i first got it it started instantly it seemed almost to eaisly.instantly for whatever reason i drove it pretty ruff one day tranny was slippin bad that day too but still firing right up then later that night i parked it for a good 2 hours went back out to start it and whaa whaa whaa,whaa whaaa whaa doesnt want to start left it on the side of the road. 2 days later showed somebody it whaa,whaa, whaaa, turns over wanted to start really bad just not igniting then 2 days later im having it towed and nothing wont even turn over about a week later i turn the key and whaaa, whaa, whaaa on the verge of starting again, so i put new spark plugs in new fuel filter new air filter i have a 1/2 tank of gas in it try to jump it and whaa whaa turning over just not starting oh and couldnt get smog cuz engine light wont come on i just had an oil change too all fluids are full and heres the big bang of it all salvaged title and was bought at auction from a dismantlers tow yard but looks great since then its been registered and had all the nessasary repairs to be driven on the road legally by previous owner, ive only had the car for a few months and i love it if it would just run i dont want to get rid of it somebody please help…even if you have a cheap car your selling please respond im a single mother and need a vehicle that runs but would love to fix mine. what to do its so hard to trust mechanics alot are shady so if you are a mechanic or know of one in california east bay area please help thank you ever so kindly…heather

You didn’t say anything about the battery, and it could be weak. Since it’s history is unknown you might consider getting a new battery at WalMart and putting it in yourself. If the cars runs with the new battery take it somewhere and get the alternator checked to make sure it is charging your new battery.

Given the salvage history of the car the alternator could be bad and the battery is run down due to insufficient charging. Since the current battery isn’t taking a charge well (difficulty jump starting) it could be bad too.