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Saturn L200...BCM?

I recently found some information regarding a bcm “campaign” issued by Saturn. I was relieved to read that they would absorb the cost of the repair. When I called Saturn they told me that my vehicle was not affected?? My VIN however was among the vins issued in this “campaign”?? That along with the symptoms my car has(dimming interior and exterior lights, random honking horn, security light on dashboard, mileage shooting up to 697,000 and STUCK…etc…) I believe my car is “affected”. Can anyone please give me some guidance, info, honest advice? I fear going to the dealer not knowing enough about my situation…A woman, no idea, $$cha~ching$$. Thank you so much in advance.

Is there still a functional Saturn dealer in your area? All the Saturn dealers near me are closed, their lots deserted, and their buildings empty.

How old is the information about this “bcm campaign?”

I gave the campaign info to a friend of mine to look over for me so I don’t have it in front of me, but I believe it was from 2007. You’re right about the Saturn dealers. I did however receive a postcard about 2 months ago from my former Saturn dealership telling me it was closing, but all Saturn vehicle maintenance would be welcomed at it’s (other) Ford dealership, and that all of my information had been passed along to them to help serve me bett…blah, blah…
Was it naive of me to think they might take care of the bcm thing?

If there’s a recall they should take care of it. Only one way to find out.

I checked on that already ; no recall. That’s why I have the word campaign in quotes. Saturn called this a BCM Campaign. I don’t understand the difference. It includes a range of vins, year & models, and it stated that the dealers are to take care of it with no cost to the owner. Thanks for your time mcparadise.