Saturn Astra 2008

Both Saturn and its Astra model are now gone. Saturn maybe for ever and Astra just after one model year when GM imported its opel Astra and sold it in the US for just one year as the Saturn Astra. My question is whether parts for the Astra will be available 2, 3, or 5 years from now. And, even if they are, would one be entirely at the mercy of GM dealers in terms of pricing and service or would other car parts shops like NAPA or Advance Auto parts carry them for a while? I have found a used Astra for sale and I am wondering what kind of issues on parts and service I would have to deal with in the future, and how much in terms of price I should discount for these likely problems?

GM still owns Opel and still builds the Astra in Europe. There should be no parts problems.

But you will probably still be at the mercy of the dealers for parts as the salvage yards most likely won’t have many of these cars.

I would not bother with this orphan.

The parts will be at dealer cost only and likely special order. Also they will become backordered.

A slow selling car from a dead brand does not put this car into favor.

Not worth the worry, plenty of other used cars around. I’d pass on it.