Saturn alignment

I have a 2006 Saturn Ion. Got new tires and was told I needed an alignment. Their price was a little over $500 as it was a “custom” job on this car.

Went to a place for a 2nd opinion and paid $25 for an estimate. They told me the struts were leaking, problem with sway bar and control arms. Their estimate was $1795.15. Of course the estimate fee would apply to the job!

Went to a 3rd place (recommended by my father-in-law). They said the struts looked okay and I neglected to mention the other problems, so hope they checked. They did the alignment for $69.95 - and the car no longer pulls to the left.

Should I get sway bar, etc. checked elsewhere or was that 2nd place “overselling”?

I would leave things alone at this point. Without actually seeing the car, I would conclude that the first two opinions may have been overselling what wass really needed. If I had a question on the sway bar, etc, I would go back and ask the folks who did your alignment. Sway bars and control arms may need replacement, but not very often, in my experience.

I’d leave well enough alone. You didn’t say where you went for the first two opinions, but if it was a chain shops you can bet they were selling things you don’t need.

I doubt there’s anything to worry about.