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Struts for 2007 saturn ion

I recently had the struts replace on my 2007 Saturn Ion, I have 100,000. miles on it. The mechanic also put shocks on the rear. Before I had the work done it sounded like a can of rocks rattling in the front end and I am still getting that vibration after the work was done, it’s been 3 weeks.

Well, there are a whole lot of reasons that you can get vibration. What kind of mechanic did the work? And was everything else fully inspected? How old are the tires and are they properly inflated to the spec on the car door pillar (or door)? Has the tire balance been checked? Under what conditions do you get the vibration?

The mechanic used to be a midas shop but went independent recently, I have only needed brakes , oil, tires, on the car previously, the tires were purchased in nov. 2009, and when I had the work done they also did a safety inspection for NYS. The vibration occurs at slow speeds, making turns into parking lots or even on a slightly bumpy surface where you would go slow, ie. repaired pot holes etc. in upstate ny. I am bringing it back tomorrow and will ask them to check the tire pressure, I assumed that was done.

You should get a tire pressure gauge and check your own pressure on a regular basis.

You need to have the whole suspension checked out. Make sure that they performed a full alignment after the struts were installed. Inspect the tires for any signs of irregular wear.

In your original post you said “still getting that vibration” but you had never described a vibration. You referred to a rattle. Are the rattle and vibration the same thing in terms of what you are trying to describe? If so, have the exhaust system checked for a loose heat shield, the motor mounts checked, and all of the splash shields & air dams on the underside of the car.

Was this ever resolved ? I have the exact same issue now and have not visited mechanic yet. I am past 70000 miles and wonder if this is a common issue with this 07 Ion.

the noise you describe is very similar to the noise most often attributed to failing cv joints.