Sway bar or struts

Have an 2003 Saturn Ion. Has started to ‘thunk’ when I ride over road roughness Ifilled potholes, etc.) Less noticable when both tire dip together rather than just one side. Dealer says sway bar bushings (~$300). As dealer stability is uncertain, I tried a second opinion at a local tire and mechanic shop. Diagnosis was struts (~$800). Car has 100,000 miles, mostly suburban mid atlantic driving. 300 is more appealing than 800. I’m now concerned that I could have the sway bar fixed and still need 800 in additional work.

Given the symptoms, is one problem more likely the case than the other? Could I have both one be masking the other?

Thanks …

Did either actually put the car up on a lift and look, or are they just guessing based on your description? It could be either, both or something else all together.

Don’t know if either put it on a lift. The only description I gave either was a ‘thunking’ sound on bumps. I didn’t realize the single side aspect until this afternoon. Is there some symptom which would indicate one over the other?

Google has a fair amount of discussion around Ions and the sway bar bushings, not much about struts.