Same coil pack going bad

I have a 2008 Ford Edge, 3.5 engine and my #2 coil pack keeps going bad about every 4-5 months. I have changed the spark plugs each time I have changed the coil pack. I also checked to make sure the plug gap was within specs. I have changed it for the second time in February and it is going bad again. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Are you using original equipment Ford coils? I’ve had bad luck with aftermarket (auto store house brand) electronic parts.

Also you might look at the wiring and connections where the coil gets power and make sure the connection is good - no corrosion or chafed wires.

I would change the spark plug wires, also (if equipped - probably a coil on plug design with no spark plug wires).

Lastly, is there any chance water is getting on that coil?

Just throwing out ideas, others with more experience will chime in I’m sure.