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Coil Pack

I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler. This will be my third time to replace my coil pack since June/2010. What can be the root of the problem, causing these coil packs to go bad?

Is it really a coil pack (two or three coils and has spark plug wires going to four or six plugs), or is it a COP (Coil On Plug, one coil going directly to one plug).

If it’s a COP, then it’s either the spark plug or that oil or water is accumulating in the plug well.

If it’s really a coil pack, then you can add the spark plug wires as suspects too.

Anytime you change coil(s) the associated spark plugs should be changed too, every time.

Make sure the correct plugs and wires are installed and check the wires for any signs of leakage (arcing). Make sure the power to the coil is ok also.

It’s a true coil pack. Thank you for your replies.

What engine do you have?

Is the coil pack located in a spot where it might be subjected to excessive heat if there were a heat shield missing, or perhaps an exhaust manifold leak?