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Salt in gas

Hey i want to buy a wrangler that appears to be mint but the person had vandalism done to it and salt was put in the gas tank. it ran through the engine and all the injectors and fuel pump and cylinder head were replaced plus all the lines flushed and gas tank cleaned out. It seems to run ok, looking for opinions on whether or not I should buy it?

Take it for a long test drive if you haven’t already. If it runs flawlessly, pay a mechanic you trust to do a prepurchase inspection of the entire Jeep. Tell him about the salt issue so that he can pay special attention to it. If the price is about average, you mig consider continuing to look.

How many posts on the same topic do we have? This is getting too salty.


The OP apparently wants to duplicate the thread that he started previously, on the same topic.

sorry guys, i need some feedback, it’s for court. i accidentally deleted one of the discussions :frowning: i’m a she not a he btw. I will give up and try another avenue to get some objective opinions. I’m trying to prove I willhave a difficult time selling my car is all. ;(

@cdaqila May I request that you close all of Jeepy’s threads?

You want objective opinions then provide the entire story instead of tap dancing around any issues and trying to make any opinions offered fit the situation.

Opinions on buying the car, opinions on court, difficult time selling your car,…

“I’m trying to prove I will have a difficult time selling my car is all.”

So…apparently, the premise of your earlier (multiple) posts was merely an artifice.
Wouldn’t it have been more honest to present the situation as it really is?

Why is it necessary to engage in subterfuge?

Because I needed objective opinions based on the point of view of a prospective buyer. If I told you everything up front I would be creating bias. I’m sorry if you feel somehow I’ve been less than honest but I’m in a real lousy position here and just trying to help myself. I have a 2013 wrangler that was 2200km and an old neighbour put salt in it because I reported his pitbull attacking me. I am just trying to stick up for myself. And why should the insurance pay when we know who did it? I am looking for justice. I didn’t mean to put anyone out. I would think that car enthusiasts would be more offended that someone would do this to such a beautiful machine.

I posted previously to this question that my philosophy is that whenever a seller starts out with a story, that alone is a warning sign.

But my posts seem to be disappearing. If someone is doing this to me intentionally, please stop.

Thank you

Being in a lousy position does not rationalize deceit. No matter how you explain it away, some here just might be " more offended" by a deceitful act to a human being then an act of vandalism to an inanimate object.

Are you saying you have proof of who did it, or just that you know who did it? Even with proof, a lawsuit might not be cost effective.

Jeepy, I can’t speak for the others, but I accept your apology. But not without a lecture.

Remember that it’s about honesty. Be honest with us and we’ll be honest with you. But try to play games with us and it’ll be a very long time, if ever, before we believe you again. As you go through life you’re going to find that our response is entirely normal. Playing games with people will only destroy your credibility.

By the way, try this kind of a game in court and you’ll be facing much more than a lecture. Judges don’t like people trying to trick them.

Sincere best.

I’m so sorry, I wasn’t trying to trick, or at least it wasn’t on my mind, I was just trying to get opinions without leading them, which I honestly don’t know how I could have unless I just present the question. @insightful yes I have a videotaped confession and a pile of written threats. My only struggle is proving my losses. I am an honest person and would never lie to a prospective buyer and I can’t believe anyone would buy this jeep knowing it’s history. (History is also available thru icbc). I’m basically at a loss of $35k but asking for 1/3. My jeep has been in and out of the shop with various problems related to this. List there right now. I’ve gone with out its use over 80 days since July 2013 when this happened.

You’ve confirmed my suspicion that people who get pit bulls are as mean as the dogs they get.

If you can prove that your neighbor did this to you in retaliation for your having reported his pit bull attack, I think you should file a police report if you haven’t already. What he did was criminal. He deserves more than just civil penalties. I think you’ll find that judges are fed up with the damage that people’s pit bulls cause as well as the arrogant denials of the owners. The judge will be very likely to lean very hard on the perpetrator.

Good luck. Assuming everything you’ve described is accurate, I have no sympathy at all for the dog owner.

I’m glad you said “people with pitbulls” rather than the breed. I agree many of them want them for the wrong reasons and I have never blamed the dog. In fact I fought to keep it from being put down. It has to be leashed and muzzled in public now which I feel is fair.

^Pitbulls aren’t mean unless they were raised to be mean. The pitbulls I’ve known have been better-tempered than the Dachshunds I’ve known…by a fairly wide margin, TBH. The difference is, if a Wiener dog acts on its ill temper, it’s much less dangerous than if a Pitbull does.

If you denigrated people W/R/T “breeding” the way you just did canines…

It isn’t the fault of the dogs, but remember that once a dog bred to be aggressive is taught to be vicious there’s no way of making them safe again. I sincerely hope that nobody else is attacked by the dog that you fought to keep alive. While your heart is good, dogs that attack people need to be put down. Their owners should be put down with them, but unfortunately we can’t do that.