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Saggy suspension

I have a 2004 Nissan Pathfinder 4WD. When I load down the truck for a trip the rear end seems to sag, even if the load is only a few hundred pounds (far below the 1,169lbs allowed). I am good about distributing the weight properly.

My question: Are there beefier aftermarket suspension parts available?

Have your suspension checked for broken springs and bad shocks before looking at aftermarket mods.


Thanks for the response. This is my 2nd Pathfinder in 10yrs; my '97 had a similar problem even after changing shocks and springs. Mechanics seem to have no response to my aftermarket upgrades, they only seem to know of original equipment.

There is a business near me that exclusively specializes in suspension systems - as in that’s pretty much all they do. You might check your local area for such a business.

Short of that, many vehicles of this type have a heavy duty spring option. If you just search parts stores for springs for your vehicle you will likely find both a standard & heavy duty option listed. Springs aren’t that hard to change if you have a good jack or two & jack stands.

Today, most people never carry ANYTHING in their trucks but they expect them to ride like a limo. So that’s how the manufacturers set them up. A spring shop can add an extra leaf to your rear springs and stiffen things up…

Here’s one I’m sure there are others. This is not an unusual problem with SUVs that also try to be soft riders by using softer coils in the rear instead of leafs. It’s hard to make everyone happy. Adjustable air shocks are the more expensive but most effective option to have it both ways. Otherwise, be prepared for a stiffer ride.