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Subaru forester saggy rear end

Hello, I have a 2009 Subaru forester and the rear suspension really sags when I have my Bike rack on it.
Its a hitch mounted Yakima rack that weighs around 50 pounds unloaded and maybe up to 100 lbs loaded.
in either case the back end sags and occasionally if I go over a speed bump the suspension will bottom out.
I have heard that some foresters have something called “saggy but” due to the suspension just being soft in general
anybody have any ideas in how to fix this ?

Portland , Or

Are you the original owner?
How many miles do you have on the odometer?
What types of roads do you normally drive on?
Have you frequently carried very heavy loads in the cargo area?

This could simply be a case of worn-out struts and–possibly–coil springs that have been damaged from overloading.

Most likely you will need to replace the rear springs and the struts, but if you replace the struts, I strongly suggest that you replace all 4 of them, rather than just the ones in the rear.

Here’s one solution:

And there are several other sources for these spacers. Just Google “subaru saggy butt spacers.”

These might be worth a try, Air lift springs. $97.95!

Saggy butt is apparently a real Subaru issue. ( I knew a girl like that once.) It is certainly increased by the addition of 100 lbs in an extended area that was not designed for that extra weight. It’s as though that weight is on the end of a lever. Here is one suggested fix from the guys who really know their Subarus.

I would add that that rack is unusually heavy and the bike unusually heavy also. I’ve had a few racks of various types in my time, and none ever cam close to 50 pounds, and even a hi-tense steel framed dime store bike doesn’t usually exceed 40 pounds. You can get a decent bike in the $500-$700 range that won’t exceed 25 pounds. High-end bikes can get down to 17 pounds.

That weight combined with the leverage issues already mentioned create a serious load. As you load that rack the axis of rotation for the added weight is the front axle. It’s like forcing the added weight onto the rear suspension with a huge lever.

Have you considered a lighter rack and bike, or perhaps a roof rack?

Did your Forester come with self-leveling rear shocks? If so, they’ve failed.

I m just guessing but I d say it s a double or triple bike rack with two bikes on it