Safari 97 oil leak

My van just started leaking very clear oil near the front of van. Oil pressure looks good and no check engine light on!

The air conditioning compressor has very clear oil in it. You might want to check if the oil’s coming from that.


It could be a valve cover gasket, Some people don’t mind leaving oil spots on the street but if you can afford to have it fixed, say $150 ballpark estimate do it, as they usually get worse not better and it is the green thing to do, not to mention it will start getting everywhere and make an unpleasing smell as it burns off, hoping it is not AC compressor, as that would be a big tad more expensive.

Thanks!! The AC has not worked for years… Would this have anything to do with it?? Also, it wasn’t driven for several months and now is my winter work car. thanks again!!

Thanks to U also!! I have not had the AC work for a while and a gasket was my first guess. thanks again!

Probably. You may want to remove the belt driving the compressor pulley. If the bearing binds up the belt will pop and who knows where the parts will fly. Besides, it might scare the heck out of you and cause an accident.

If the belt runs more than just the compressor, replace it with a shorter belt.

I am not going for the AC oil idea. System seems not to be under pressure. Pressurized leaks don’t leave droplets and the oil from R134A systems dont leave so much an oil trail.

Now if you remove a component and turned it upside down you most certainly could get some liquid oil to come out.

Vehicle uses serpentine belt, don’t see a practical way (I did not say it could not be done) to run with the compressor out of the loop.

Would be conclusive if oil had tracer dye in it but OP says it;s clear.