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2004 Honda Accord - air compressor spews oil or Freon?

How come every now and then my air compressor will spray out I don’t know if it’s Freon or oil but the air works fine?

Have it fixed now it might be $$$, ignore it then it might be $$$$.


The compre$$or i$ about ready to fail. If it does, it will blow trash throughout your AC system requiring everything to be replaced. Take it to an AC specials so they can diagnose and repair it. Repalcing the compressor now before it fails will save you lots of $$$.

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The AC compressor has a pressure relief valve.


This valve opens if the. pressure becomes too high.

When this occurs, both refrigerant and oil are released.


Take it to an A/C specialist right away! I had a deteriorating compressor on my Impala, and the tech quoted $900 for a rebuilt one. That would have been the right thing to do, but I ended up selling the car for other reasons.

If you keep driving, the compressor debris fills the entire system and the overhaul will then cost you megabucks!

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With the A/C on are the radiator cooling fans running constantly?
Had any system charging done by a shop or DIY?

Just because the compressor relief valve opens, doesn’t mean there’s a problem with the compressor.


There may not be a problem with the compressor but there could be a problem with excessive pressure though. The OP has not provided any details whatsoever.

Years ago VW had a really stupid method of pressure relief. A brass pop-off plug that would blow out and empty the system in seconds if the head pressure was too high.