what happens to a car if someone pours urine in the oil reserve and gas tank?

…just how much urine are we talking about!!! I mean, have you been saving up for this occasion for a while?? or, on a whim, did ya just drink a lot and then go for it?

If it was a normal- human- amount, I wouldn’t expect too much to happen to the car. Especially if ya split it btwn the oil and the gas.

The pee in the oil would probably just burn off pretty quick.
And, assuming the gas tank already had a reasonable amount of fuel in it when you introduced the “additive” , I’d expect, at the worst, a mild case of “bad gas”. Maybe a little whiteish smoke for a bit…

Seriously though, messing w/ a person’s car is pretty low. Such passive-aggressive actions don’t speak well for the maturity of the pee-er.