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Gas with two cycle oil on an empty tank

Hi guys was wondering if damage can be done to a vehicle if gasoline with 2cycle oil was put on an empty tank? Cehicle had rum empty and now that that mixture was put it is taking long to power up. Not sure if it is normal after running out that it takes longer to turn on or ut the gas oil mixture has something to do with it. Anybody???

Helps to know what it is. Lawn mower, lawn tractor, chainsaw, Russian Trabant…?

Oh it was for a weedeater

Those things are notorious for starting only once or twice when they are new. Thereafter it takes a team of neighbor’s to keep pulling until it starts (maybe).

No harm done running out of gas, provided the fuel tank was clean of debris. Check for spark, keep pulling and try a little spray of starter fluid.

Its a vehicle ford pickup that ran out of gas. The gas oil mixture which was added was the mixture used for a weedeater. My question is whether the gas oil mixture damages the vehicle since it does not turn on and it was put on an empty tank

The mixture isn’t going to hurt it, but running out of gas will. Gas is the pump’s lubricant and coolant, so when you run out the pump can overheat and wear prematurely.

Find some way to put the correct fuel in the vehicle so that the stuff you put in will be diluted . You may not have enough for the pump to work.

so, how much of the mixture made it into the tank? If only a little, I would simply add several gallons of regular gasoline to dilute the stuff to a point where it does not matter.

Mayb bout a gallon. Tnx you ur reaponse!

Tnx for you response!!

Okay tnx for your input!!

Folks, I think he ran out of gas in his vehicle and used weedeater gas in his vehicle. See other posts on not running out of gas in the first place but can’t imagine trying to start the car with a 20:1 oil ratio will be helpful but who knows. A gallon might not even be enough for the pick up tube in the tank to suck any gas up.

FYI, some OCD types have been known to add 2-stroke oil to the gas tank (not 32:1, though…more like 250:1) in order to extend EFI life. So, a gallon or so of 2-stroke gas won’t hurt the Ford, especially if you fill it the rest of the way with gasoline without oil.

Most 2 stroke weedeaters are 50 to one, so that will be 2.6 Ounces to a gallom. Fill up the tank with regular gas and you should be fine.

No run what in here then fill it up. It might smoke but it just gas and oil. Oh that one dude is right. Try not to run out of fuel all the time or you’ll have to pull the Tank to replace fuel pump.

You might want to clarify that sentence.

I’m s mechanic not a English professor but after No,

I agree, you should enter readable text in any forum, English prof or not. The idea of any forum is to communicate.

I think you mean:
No, run what’s in there then fill it up.

Mark must have missed the part where it doesn’t run well with what the OP put in the tank. That is why most of the replies are suggesting filling the tank with the proper fuel and see if it works normally.

How did they believe this would extend EFI life?