Sabb 9-5 Brakes

Have a 2002 Saab 9-5 turbo… Replaced all pads and rotors and the brakes are soft. Have bled them several times to no avail. Master cylinder ok. Any suggestions.

How soft is soft? When you press the pedal, does is slowly continue to drop? Or does it just feel spongy all the time? If it continues to drop, it is likely not just air, you may have a master going away.

Have you taken it out and tried to cycle the ABS and then re-bleed to see if that cures it?

I’ve changed pads and changed fluid several times on my wife’s 9-5 and never had to have my ABS cycled to get the air out. I have her pump the pedal, though, to PUSH the fluid through and then finish with a gravity bleed. I don’t use sucker pumps to pull the air out so I don’t trap air where I can’t get to it.

I think there is a routine on a Tech-2 that can do this to help purge and air. That takes a service center that can do that on a Saab.

You might look here if you try everything else to no avail.

snap on scanners will also do that thing @Mustangman mentioned